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T o   A l l   M o t h e r s   E v e r y w h e r e

D E A R   M O T H E R 

I am often asked to illuminate my exceedingly transparent emotions apropos 
the unceasing Love and admiration I have for Mother and Child.

Convey I shall, in my own special way.

Is it the perpetual, selfless devotion that my heart so rapturously captures
every time I experience a tender moment between these two very special creatures of God?

Might I elucidate my affinity for Mother and Child, as my Love of their abiding Love?

Perhaps, if you will, my endearing connection to their blessed union?

Perchance, my most admiring affection 
for the most timeless affections known unto heaven and earth ~
The precious and prized Love uniting Mother and Child.

Or, since my poetry books are my loving tribute 
to all those tender hearted Mother & Child pairings whose everlasting Love,
unwavering devotion and harmonious liaison have so emotively caressed my soul,
elevated my spirit and gently soothed my acquiescent heart,
maybe I should expressively enlighten you, dear Mother, with rhythmical words, 
words spoken purely, conveyed cordially, seeking ever so eagerly,
to hearten your heart . . . . . with Love sweet Love. . . . . 

Dave Maschka
M y   W i s h

My wish for you, dear reader, dearest Mother,

as we begin this exquisite journey,

is that your heart will be lovingly escorted,


expressions, sincere and true;

hope, abundant and virtuous;

love, glorious and eternal;

and that these sensational sentiments will wondrously capture and faithfully instill

within your willing spirit and awaiting heart,

the joy of the most lovely, coalesced splendor

which the soul has ever celebrated

  L o v e  

~  Love between Mother and Child  ~

Dave Maschka

                 T o   A l l   M o t h e r ' s   E v e r y w h e r e 

                                         Your kindhearted and gracious Motherly ways

                    have made it possible for me to realize my longtime, wishful aspiration

                                 to bestow cherished gifts of hope, joy, love and inspiration

   to the devoted Mothers and brave children of Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

             Via hopeful stories which touch the heart, kind words which soothe the soul,

                                          rhythmic, joyful poetry that enlivens the spirit,

          and richly deserved tributes to Mother’s like you which gladden the moment,                     

                   you and I, together, are bestowing hope and conveying precious love

                       to those brave Children of Saint Jude and their devoted Mothers

who endeavor unceasingly and ever so courageously  in their efforts to triumph over cancer.

        Please know that your affectionate Motherly ways will forever be my inspiration.
                                                    From The Heart of Dave Maschka          

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      Dave Maschka