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               M O T H  E  R ’ S    L O V E 
                                   Love Poems For Mother And Child

                                  MOTHER'S  LOVE

Two Words
Two words which so eloquently call to mind 
The most cherished blessings a child can wish for . . . . . 
Kindness, comfort, compassion, affection, gift of spirit, devotion.

T w o   w o r d s
Two words, that, when tenderly held unto the heart,   
Arouse uplifting joy, stir warm affections, impart harmonious feelings. 
Two words, that, when sincerely demonstrated and devotedly displayed, 
Form a perpetual bond which can never be broken.

T w o   w o r d s 
Two words, that, when faithfully cultivated and oft bestowed, 
Wondrously unite to outline, shape and poignantly complete a child’s life.  

Mother’s Love
Spiriting child’s heart to oh-so-lovingly reconcile ~
Love, affection, and devotion 
Child to mother. . . . .Mother to child ~

Love ~ Dave Maschka
                                      M o t h e r ’ s    G l o w
One glimpse caught I
Unadorned, to see
This beauty with child
No mere mortal she
For radiating in heaven’s style
From her head to her toes
Stood an angel, ensconced
In Mother’s Glow ~
I smiled, my heart content
Delightfully conferring way
To thoughts of affection, devotion
Children at play
Her presence, a soulful reflection, of goodness, compassion
Surely I know
Mother dear, beautifully, you radiate
With Motherly Glow ~
Hence Mother dear
Before I go
Just one purport
I fancy you to know
Solitary sign, wondrously
Portrays you so
‘tis love, heartfelt
That lavishly flows
To child in waiting
For Mother’s Glow ~

           T h e   L o v e   o f   a   M o t h e r                                Celebrating The Precious Bond Between Mother and Child

M o t h e r ' s    L o v i n g    C a r e s s

Merrily bound in Mother's loving caress
What joy, what happiness
Oh virtuous poetry to me ~
Mother’s breath, whispering sweet
To daughter, aye, such blessed treat
Lovely as lovely could be ~
Her spirit intoned so exquisitely
Caught up I, in joyful harmony
Of devotion, compassion, and Love ~
Mother sang sweet a resplendent song
My soul enraptured, my heart belonged
To Mother, sweet angel from above ~
We shared in soft lullaby lovingly
Daughter, love, sweet Mother, glowingly
Adjoined in unparalleled happiness ~
Mother’s treasured tune lovingly heartfelt
My spirit knew absolute, as I pray, as I knelt
God enfold me evermore, in Mother’s loving caress ~

From The Heart Of Dave Maschka

M o t h e r ' s   S w e e t   B e s t o w a l
 Gifts  Of  Love  From  Mother  To  Child 

Dave Maschka

Q u i e t   T i m e
Quiet time
Is when I do
Joyous things  
Like think of you
I reflect upon
Our time together
Happy times
Never could life’s ifs’ or whatever’s 
Keep love’s sweet radiance
From drenching our hearts
Mother and daughter, so in love
Always a part
Of that beautiful place
A place where
Hearts entwined
Forever care
And words so true
Oft spoke
Perpetually chime
Enfold daughter and Mother
In love’s sweet caress
Oh what beautiful rhyme
As we make merry
Together. . . . Forever
In quiet time

From the Heart Of Dave Maschka

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Dave Maschka
To All The Courageous Children Of Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital

beautiful smiles
eyes that speak of bravery
when i look to you, children of Saint Jude
this is what i see

hope and promise
and a future so bright
these are my heartfelt wishes
as i pray for you tonight

brave kids of Saint Jude
know that we are here for you
with warm thoughts, kind hearts
lots of love too

be strong courageous young one's
remember always along the way
that God and His angels are with you
every moment. . . . . . of every day








               ♥ ALL  POETRY  BOOKS  LOVINGLY  DEDICATED  TO  THE  DEVOTED  MOTHER'S  OF  SAINT  JUDE                                         
                                                 S a i n t   J u d e   C h i l d r e n ' s   R e s e a r c h   H o s p i t a l
         M  O  T  H  E  R     T  O     C  H  I  L  D                                   
                          S w e e t   G i f t s   o f   L o v e

                                        Dave Maschka
CM O T H E R   T O   C H I L D

Mother to child
Sweet gifts of love
Surrendered ever joyfully 
Affectionately composed of
Thoughtful utterance
One to another
Kind words conveyed oft
Lovingly from mother
Heartfelt glance
In moment of hush
Warm smiles evoke
Inspiriting rush
Of faithful devotion
Without limit, without end
Mother to child
Forever doth thou send
Sweet gifts of love
Via kindhearted tune
Nurturing child with kindness
Delighting in her bloom
Conveying hope and promise
Offerings angelic from heaven above
Mother to child, evermore bequeath
Sweet gifts of love

From The Heart Of Dave Maschka

C            M o t h e r   S o   L o v e l y
                                   Sweet Munificent Angel
Sweet Munificent Angel

Oh sweet munificent angel
Might I perceive a certain lovely aura
Of angelic zing and zeal  
Exquisitely embracing your heavenly inspirited air? ~
Yes I surely do
But there is so much more which compose you Mother dear
To be so delightfully rare ~

Flourishing and pure
Compassion, aye
Lovely heartfelt grace ~
Giving, sharing 
Perpetually caring
Doting upon child selflessly 
With delicate womanly embrace ~

Joyous am I
That you are indeed
A virtuous vision
Of all which is good and true ~
Sweet Munificent Angel
‘tis you ~

Dave Maschka

Clic        M  o  t  h  e  r  '  s      W  i  s  h
                            L o v e   E t e r n a l 
                             By Dave Maschka