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                   The audience willingly and receptively unlocks their heart and mind.                    

Great screenplays poignantly convey and realistically portray true emotions

                           S u m m o n i n g   t h e   a u d i e n c e   t o   f e e l                                  

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O R I G I N A L    S C R E E N P L A Y S






60'S  MY  WAY



  (current option expires 01.01.24)



ISLE  OF  DUE  TOO  ~  SAME  OL' . . . . SAME  OL'  

S​ A C K    L U N C H 

In Production
Pea Patch Productions


In The Can "
Warped Minds Entertainment 
Ritchie Lynch

Walkin' in Wonder

Presently under revision as a Short Animation

S t u d i o   4   Degrees   C

Agents  ~  Full PDF available upon request with credentials


Chris is an ex-firefighter, a hero who gave all in service to his fellow man. 
He now lives alone in an gadget-filled home, assisted by a bizarre collection of eccentric, independent thinking, robotic devices and his feisty “Whoppi Goldberg-ish” helpmate, Lilly.  Of late, Chris has become increasingly gloomy in his outlook on existence, 
and now spends his days tinkering, complaining, flashing back to the past,
and pondering life and death.  

Chris is a quadriplegic. In physical terms, a mere shadow of the man he once was. 
But his plight goes much deeper than loss of use of limbs. Chris suffers from a loss of purpose.  No longer courageous, devoted, or dedicated to anyone or anything, Chris'  life lacks spirit, élan vital or meaning, while his heart is adrift in a sea of self pity, complacency and pessimism. 

So Chris decides to take the cowardly way out.

But somewhere between searching for destiny and finding the truth, Chris happened upon a ragtag pee wee league baseball team consisting of 8 boys and 1 girl who were simply looking for someone who would believe in them, someone whom they could believe in, and the answer to the question, “what are we all about?"

Together, Coach Chris, and his newfound band of underachievers, assisted by “Legs”, 
his omnipotent wheelchair, and aided by some enlightening, digital imaging software, discover and embrace the philosophies that affirm that it is both human and okay to be scared, that just because you lose does not mean that you are a loser, and that wonderful things can happen when one . . . . . . . . . 
“Takes whatever life has to give, and then rises above by giving life whatever it takes.”     


Set in the Old West, COWBOYS 2 GIRLS tells the silly adventures
of the teenage Thompson sisters, Roberta and Josephine, who disguise themselves 
as their twin cowpoke brothers, Robert and Joe, in their bold, funny, heartwarming quest 
to join a posse, catch a gang of cattle rustlers and collect the reward in order to save the family’s struggling ranch. 

This 95 page, tersely written screenplay has a joyous, fast paced, rhythmic flow 
along with a wide open, happy ending, making very real the opportunity
for a sequel or subsequent TV series.     

COWBOYS 2 GIRLS. . . . . 
A delight for all those who are young at heart, and all those who long to be.


Told through a series of chilling flashbacks, EVEN STEVEN
is a kinky, sexy, macabre thriller of vengeance taken to the max.

When their loving mother dies at the hands of several incompetent, unscrupulous physicians during a botched surgical procedure, the Royale triplets, Steven, Stevanna and Sissy, struggle to cope but ultimately cannot, and as grief leads two of them to take their lives, they call upon the remaining triplet via their last request, to “get even.”

So the last remaining triplet does,  aided formidably by a sexual identity transformation. 

And with the newfound powers bestowed by such a profound, enlightened metamorphosis, revenge comes swift and sweet.

A handsome doctor is rendered nauseatingly ugly. A portly doctor becomes emaciated
while his slender counterpart turns morbidly fat.  A stud of a physician experiences a transformation only a eunuch would understand, and an underhanded police detective screams bloody murder as he is told that he will soon discover “the glorious exhilaration of a brand new life” following his very own dreaded, but so much deserved  sex change mutilation. 

The payoff for the audience comes in the final scenes, 
when the original oneness and sexual identity of the avenger is revealed. 

Flashbacks reveal slivers of clues and tidbits of truth, titillating the audience as the story reaches a fever pitch crescendo, when all realize their hoodwink.  

These 94 tersely written pages contain numerous, vivid scenes which dramatically illustrate that our avenger is not only woefully efficacious in using both mind and body to achieve vengeful goals, but to the delight of the audience and the horror of the victims, is also tantalizingly adept at displaying a contrastingly macabre sense of ghoulish humor along the way.   

Screaming and laughing simultaneously makes for such a delightful time at the theater
. . . . . . . . . don’t you think?


Spanning the decades of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, 
SISTER SOUTHERN BELLE tells the story of four courageous nuns who established South Carolina’s first compassionate care home for unwed mother’s. 

Based on the accomplished, passionate, life’s work of Sister Ellen Robertson of the Adrian Dominican Sisterhood, SISTER SOUTHERN BELLE portrays the heartfelt devotion, unwavering loyalty and dogged determination of four southern Women of God as they set out to provide care, education and inspiration to the unwed mothers of the South Carolina Lowcountry. 

The setting for this screenplay is The Isle of Hope, situated on the southernmost coastal plain of South Carolina, the same locale for the backdrop of the movie Prince of Tides.

After the convent discovers that our four nuns have wavered from their preordained task of operating a prenatal birthing clinic by beneficently branching out into other callings such as a child daycare center and a home for unwed mother’s,  and because of the economic recession, the decision is made to cease all monetary funding and recall the four nuns to the convent. 

But our four ladies, being of stubborn mind and strong faith, refuse to quit, and so they instead decide to strike out on their own, garnering secular jobs and failing miserably. 

Meanwhile, a young woman of esteemed status and unresolved heart is brought into the nuns midst.  By this young woman’s heartfelt commitment to and love of a small boy with a hidden artful talent, she brings about her own variety of change.....hippie style!                

98 pages convey and portray the loving, humorous, joyous emotional feelings of heart one’s soul realizes while reading SISTER SOUTHERN BELLE. 

For over two decades, I was privileged to have known, loved and befriended Sister Ellen. Forever I shall admire and respect her heartfelt devotion and charitable munificence in faithfully and steadfastly taking up for those less fortunate.  
Always will I cherish those memorable moments we shared on her front porch, 
when she would wax philosopical unto me, and I would try repeatedly and always in vain, to preserve and maintain mind, spirit and  Élan in the process. 
Today, Sister Ellen continues to baffle her soulmates in heaven as her Raison d'être was and shall forever be, at once, simple and grand.....others.    


When the act of being a good Samaritan lands the handsome, recently widowed 
Mills Mitchell in the company of a NYC  lesbian couple and their two gay roommates, all discover in short order that they are indeed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Billie and Z are two sexy, young women who strip part time, devotedly love each other full time and are passionate in their quest to make it out of the clubs and onto Broadway.  Trouble is, Billie has as much a passion for gambling as she does for dance. 

The dashing, charming Mills Mitchell is a Dixie born CPA who is in the Big Apple on business.  

Fate is a trickster without a conscience, a prankster with no regard to circumstance 
and no respect for want. 

Oh sweet trio when one night fate brings together Mills, Billie and Z into a dark NYC alley at the mercy of a couple of ruthless loan sharks.

Mills saves the day, is injured physically and is taken to an apartment occupied by Billie, Z and their two very much in love gay roommates, Chain and Cervantes. 
Theirs is a home refreshingly filled with love, devotion, honesty, energy and humor. 

While simultaneously recuperating  his body and  laying low so as to keep out of sight of  the loan sharks, Mills reflects, via lovely, poignant flashbacks, upon the decade of happiness he spent in loving, devoted marriage with his recently deceased wife.

It is not conventional, traditional or cliché.
It is, in chorus, funny and wacky, touching and heartwarming. 
It inspirits us to accept, propagate and appreciate Love. . . . .in all its glorious forms.


Ralph Polski, loving father, devoted husband, former Navy corpsman, is hospitalized for injuries sustained at the scene of an accident, and comes to terms with his haunting past with the help of his attending physician, the son of his childhood buddy who died on the battlefields of  Vietnam. 

Ralph Polski - Ski, as he is affectionately called by family and friends - is a middle aged, county water works employee living a contented life in a small California town. One day his job brings him, his grandson, and his two man work crew to the site of a bicycle race where fate has other plans in the form of a vehicular road rage incident gone terribly awry.

Mayhem, chaos and carnage ensue at the Finish Line as vehicles meet bicyclists, and the subsequent human suffering dictates that Ski reprise his former roles of 
Navy corpsman, savior and lifesaver.

Just when help arrives in the form of EMS, Ski flips out in the matrix of a nightmarish flashback to Vietnam.
He is injured and taken to a VA hospital for treatment. 
Following a CT scan, it is revealed that Ski has a fast growing brain tumor whose removal would dramatically affect his life as he knows it and loves it.

In the VA hospital, while simultaneously recuperating and pondering his fate, Ski’s amiable personality bonds him affectionately to members of the staff as well as several oddball patients suffering from a variety of ailments, while his storied, germane past endears him fatherly to his attending physician, Angelo, the son of his childhood buddy who died on the battlefields of Vietnam. 

Together, Ski and Angelo embark upon an enlightened journey, recalling the glory of youth, remembering the joys of friendship, reliving the enlivened passions of loyalty, bravery, terror and camaraderie which flourish in war, and finally, anguishing over the disheartenment heaped upon the soul when comes death in all its finality.

This was my first screenplay and is based, in part, upon my own life. 

My role model for Ski was and continues to be, Mr. Dennis Franz, as fine an actor as there is living today, a true American Patriot and a real man's man.  

Read and you will see for yourself the heart that my characters convincingly display
as well as the heartfelt emotion which they dramatically and realistically portray.  


In Savannah, Georgia, two lifelong southern girlfriends, one a devoted Mother afflicted with an incurable disease,  enlist the help of an aging tosspot named Aunt Melba 
in order to help save their struggling business, and via a twist of fate and with an ounce of courage, end up going on a silly, vengeful, non-violent crime spree by disguising themselves as anyone they wish to be. 

Kimberly and Jennifer are young, attractive and devoted lifelong friends, energetic, resourceful business partners, and “a heartbeat away from being sisters.” 
When their costume and formalwear rental business begins to falter, they seek help from their local banker in Macon, Georgia, only to be told that they must travel to Savannah to meet with the bank president’s womanizing son,  Assur Boyle, 
in order to obtain final loan approval.

In Savannah, Kim and Jen bunk with Kim’s aunt Melba, an aging, but feisty southerner who speaks her mind, loves to swig enlivened tea and relishes in dispensing soul food for both body and spirit.

Acting upon a scheme whimsically concocted by Jen, the girls decide to switch identities prior to their meeting with banker Boyle.  Because banker Boyle has the hots for Kim, he calls only her into his office, and then proceeds to secure the door and go way overboard in seeking due collateral for the loan. 
“Kim” is roughed up and her disguise comes off, revealing Jen. The real Kim comes to the rescue and drops Boyle like a falling Nasdaq stock. The girls set off the sprinkler system, change into “Big Black Mamma” costumes and proceed to rob the bank. 

They escape, caught only on bank video surveillance as a police detective so aptly described them later to be, “Two, big, black, beautiful women, ‘bout six foot, 'round.”   

Only problem, their haul was not enough to satisfy their loan needs, so Jen and Kim, aided and coached enthusiastically by aunt Melba, decide that once is not enough and continue their non-violent crime spree until their monetary needs are met and vengeance is meted in accordance with southern law.  

Replete with whimsical wit, southern charm and poignant flashbacks which reveal
the storied past and sisterly kinship of Kim and Jen, MACON DEW is sure to please
both Southerner and Yankee alike.

If one doubts my gift in both conveying and portraying true emotions and varied feelings of the female heart, one simply has to behold any of my poetry book offerings to realize the harmonious, intuitive, empathetic bent which moves my spirit to write emotively, eloquently and expressively in matters of womanly vogue.  

                               ISLE OF DUE TOO. . . . . . . .  . THE TRILOGY 

                                             The  saga  of  The Isle of DueToo  

                                 was outrageously  inspired  by  true  events.  

                     The  names  have  been  changed  to  protect  the  guilty. 

                                     The current option on the entire trilogy 
                                                      THE ISLE OF DUE  TOO                                           
                                                               expires 01.01.24
                     In compliance with the current option holder's wishes, 
                                              this synopsis has been removed.                                    

              AGENTS  ~  Full  PDF  available  upon  request  with  credentials

                                                      Dave   843.838.4466



A WALK IN THE PARK is the true story of unlikely, unheralded redemption. 

Michael Stewart grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Savannah, Georgia and spent the majority of his youth in and out of county jail. 

Not one to learn from his past mistakes, Michael embarked upon a devilish pathway to manhood, with an insolent, maleficent attitude and the street-hardened mindset of a sociopath. Years spent peddling drugs and thieving to support alcohol and drug habits has consequences and hard time behind bars soon followed.  

After release from the Georgia State Penitentiary, Michael readopted his wanton ways, violated parole and returned to prison for an encore engagement, this time to Lee Arrendale State penitentiary, one of the most violent in the country. It is here where Michael befriended Jude, the person who introduced him to salvation and redemption in the form of God. 

Upon his release from prison, Michael returned to Savannah a hypothetically changed man, but one who realized quickly and to his own dismay, that the encoded mindset of his fellow human beings, including his parole officer, mother, employer, pastor and police liaison officer, does not change without absolute attestation. 

After asking God for direction, Michael was called upon to minister to the homeless, whereupon he tried and failed repeatedly until he ultimately succeeded, learning and living the ways of a righteous, selfless life, overcoming adversity, and convincing all naysayer’s in the process.

I met and pledged my support to Michael Stewart and his band of hopeful homeless several years ago, and I have witnessed firsthand the miracles of which I so poignantly write. 

This is a story of joyful liberation; liberation from evil, liberation from worldly shackles, liberation from self.
It is also the story of hope, promise and love; those abiding assurances which God so lovingly avowals and to which man so ardently strives.

My heart has been joyously uplifted while living and writing this story. 

Your heart will be enriched upon reading it.